Don’t hit send!

Fundamental business writing skills

1-day small group workshop with expert guidance from an experienced writing educator.

SOLD Tuesday 15th and Saturday 19th October, 2019, in Orange NSW.

Skilful writing is a personal and business asset; however, language errors, poor formatting, the wrong tone, and unclear messages can undermine professional reputations, waste time and damage workplace and business relationships.

With so much at stake, it’s no surprise that accurate and effective professional writing is highly valued in business.

About the workshop

Don’t Hit Send is an ideal workshop for you if you

  • regularly write business emails, letters, memos, minutes, reports;

  • would like to eliminate grammar and punctuation errors and commonly confused and misspelt words from your writing;

  • would like to know that you are using apostrophes and capital letters correctly;

  • and would like to write confidently, knowing that your writing is clear, well presented, has the right tone, won’t be misinterpreted and will get the results you want!

The information about grammar and sentence structure was really useful!
— Feedback: Business Writing workshop for Housing Plus staff.

The workshop includes

  • Relevant examples and practical activities throughout

  • Don’t Hit Send workshop handbook, checklists, templates and cheatsheets to help you apply your new writing skills back in the office.

Small group sessions

Only 15 places available in each workshop, so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions and interact with the other participants.

Thank you for the training Ruth. Although the room was full of people from varying educational backgrounds with differing levels of knowledge relating to business writing, you were able to make the training relevant to all.

You presented the training in a respectful manner, which allowed space for all attendees to feel comfortable in participating in the conversation, and in turn created a more dynamic learning environment.
— Feedback: Business Writing Workshop for Housing Plus staff.