Tutoring appointments

  • On site at Study Matters Australia, 57 Sale Street Orange, NSW.

  • Online at a scheduled appointment time. When you book an online appointment, you will be provided with connection details so that we can engage live, share resources, and achieve great things. 

How does personal tutoring work?

You identify the areas you would like to work on, and together we create a plan to help you develop the knowledge and skills you prioritise.

I provide professional guidance, learning resources, activities, and feedback to help you develop the study skills, positive study habits and confidence to proceed independently towards mastering a range of study skills, successfully completing assignments, and achieving your goals. 

Every student's tutoring needs are different.

Students come to their study down different paths, from different personal, employment, and academic backgrounds, with existing strengths and skills, and with different aspirations for their study. Therefore, your tutoring needs and priorities will also be different from other students. 

How can personal tutoring help you?

The following video introduces some of the different topics addressed in tutoring sessions. 

I take a whole of student approach to helping you succeed academically, and, because you don't study in isolation from the rest of your life, tutoring sessions may also include mentoring on the personal and social aspects of student life.

A whole of student approach to tutoring encourages you to identify and acknowledge your many strengths and to understand and overcome any barriers that may hold you back.

Six steps to your success

I will work with you until you are confident you can proceed independently. 



Don't worry if you haven’t mastered all necessary skills by day one.

Even the highest achievers rarely arrive at college or uni able to demonstrate all the skills and positive study habits necessary for successful study. 

When you're starting out, take it one step at a time:

  • identify what you bring to your study,

  • understand what will be required of you,

  • identify any gaps between what's required and what you already demonstrate well,

  • and set to work to close those gaps.      

‘I had personalised tutoring and I completed the online workshops Ruth recommended. I was so happy with all the new information she gave to me, and how much she helped me. I’m heading into a semester with clear goals, an organised schedule and a less-stressed outlook on uni life. I recommend signing up ASAP, especially if you’re just starting uni, or still struggling to get a grip on your workload and uni life in general.’
— Emily Mohun (studying Bachelor of Nursing, University of Notre Dame).

All Tutoring subscriptions are supported by online self-paced workshops. 

I'll be happy to chat with you about tutoring options and your particular needs and priorities, so you will have all the information you need to decide if personal tutoring is for you  - Ruth.