What my students say

“I had personalised tutoring and I completed the online workshops Ruth recommended. I was so happy with all the new information she gave me, and how much she helped me.

I’m heading into a semester with clear goals, an organised schedule and a less-stressed outlook on uni life. I recommend signing up ASAP, especially if you’re just starting uni, or still struggling to get a grip on your workload and uni life in general.”
— Emily Mohun - Bachelor of Nursing (University of Notre Dame)
“Extremely happy with the tutoring! Personalised, great value and professional. Exactly what I was after. Thanks!”
— Nathan Gregory - Bachelor of Clinical Practice (Paramedic) (Charles Sturt University)
‘The Introduction to Assignment Writing workshop helped me understand the different types of assignments that would be used at university, which has been playing on my mind since I left school. The opportunity to use your resources will make going to uni a lot less daunting! Thanks Ruth’.
— Tayla Lane - Southern Cross University
“Great tutor. Goes way and beyond to accommodate me and help me achieve my goals.”
— May El-Khoury - Masters of Science in Medicine (University of Sydney)
“As a mature aged student who hasn’t studied at uni for 25years and working full time, I was apprehensive about starting my first session. Through a personalised online tutoring program, Ruth worked with me to set goals, understand the requirements of academic writing and identify what my focus should be. I didn’t just survive the session, I did better than I expected and I am approaching my second session with confidence and an awareness of effective study skills and improved academic writing.”
— Rosie Dunnett - Bachelor of Vocational & Adult Education (Charles Sturt University)
“From my time in Ruth’s classes, I definitely had more confidence in myself, achieving a better performance in my course. If I had some test or homework to be evaluated, she helped me by giving me the tools to do it and the confidence to believe in my ability.

For her human quality, empathy, professionalism and the love and commitment with which she does her job, I recommend Ruth Durose as a teacher, because she is the best.”
— Jessica Díaz Alfaro - Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management (William Angliss Institute)
“Ruth made me feel more confident when I arrived. Indeed, she gave me a feeling like staying in my home country. Her support helped me adapt quickly to my new study environment and to successfully complete my Master degree in Australia.”
— Hieu Au - Master of Sustainable Agriculture (Charles Sturt University)
“At the end of my time at university, I considered Ruth’s support a very important part of my success.”
— Jessica Stubbs - Australia Bachelor of Business Administration International College of Management Sydney
“She was always available to assist with my projects, assessments and giving study tips. She has a bundle of knowledge and expertise, and undoubtedly a passion for helping students succeed.”
— Marie Hyland - Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management (William Angliss Institute)
I benefited from Ruth’s passion, guidance and support’.
— Jonathan Chan - Bachelor of Business Administration (Macquarie University)